Job Interviews; my best tips

My best tips when preparing for an interview

The 48 Laws of Power

Preparing for Interview

Instead what I paid more attention to is first doing research on the specific company and the role I am trying to go for. If it is a large company, then do more research on the particular department and the type of work that will be done in that area. Basically, I studied the heck out of the job posting until I am confident in their expectation of me.

Day of Interview

During the day of the interview, make sure to show up. As silly as this sounds, make sure you’re prepared with how you dress (dress to impress). Often time in this digitally dominant era, everything will be most likely remote and the interview will be done online.

Always Say Less Than Necessary

Remember these 3 things

The last 3 things I want to mention here is just to:

  1. be genuine,
  2. be personable,
  3. brag about yourself


Be yourself. Because if they don’t like you for being who you are, it is most likely not a good fit and you probably would not like working for them or the company.



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