Job searching? Keep this in mind when applying

3 tips on where to look for your dream job

Start with Network

When starting to look for a new job or career, the first place start is seeing who I know works in an industry or company I would like to work at. LinkedIn is helpful because they have all information laid out — like company name, job title, and job description.

From experience, I have submitted tons of applications in the past, but wish I just started with my network instead of applying for jobs online.

By talking to someone who works in the company or industry I want to be in, I can get an inside scoop on their experience, what roles are available, the hiring process, and hows the team is. Most importantly, it will give insight into whether or not I want to work there or not.

I wouldn’t want to spend time hoping to hear back from the company if my network says the company is not even hiring.

If you have a limited network and just started to build your network, this step can be skipped when looking for a job. But highly recommend continuing to build the network because it works wonders.

Keep this in mind!

How I see it — is that landing a job is just a numbers game.

Like almost everything in life, the more we do something, the better we get at it.

This also applies to job searching; it can be a long process and takes time to play the numbers game.

The job application process is unique for everyone in a way that — you’ll soon figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and just adapt to what works.

Learn to develop grit and not give up after receiving rejections.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Where do I apply for jobs?

1 First, I typically start on LinkedIn and am active on it by keeping my profile up to date. I would occasionally receive messages from recruiters and see job postings tailored to my role. I directly apply on LinkedIn or message the recruiter.

2Second, I look at job recruiting websites like BuiltIn. They consolidate a bunch of job postings similar to the job title that is best suited to me. I would go there to get an idea of what job offers are out there and then go directly to the company’s official website to apply.

To get more insight into the job position and see how much they pay, I use GlassDoor

3Go on LinkedIn and message the recruiter of that company after applying for the job application. Genuinely express your interest and share the job posting you applied for. You’ll be surprised by the response.

Do not apply to your dream company first

My recommendation is — do NOT apply to your dream company first. Apply to the ones lower on your list so you can get some experience and practice. Then once you have practiced applying for jobs and interviewing, then apply for your dream companies.

Go practice your interview skills and speak to people at companies you’re not too interested in order to get some interview experience. Pay attention to the how interviewer responds to certain questions and how you deliver the message so you can apply the things that work to your dream company.

Conclusion + Activity

  • Start with your network
  • Develop grit and do not give up
  • Use LinkedIn and job recruiting websites
  • Get some practice first before apply to your dream job!

This blog is a part of a series of articles I am writing on “Everything I Know About Money”. This is [Stage 12 Starting]: Job Hunting. You can find the full blog below:



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